Re-purposing ECW figs

My attempt to re-vitalize my old Warhammer Empire Army has resulted in my starting construction of an Imperial Landsknecht army for Impetus.  This is my second attempt at a Renaissance period pike and shot force, as I did attempt an ECW force pack in 2002.  I had originally wanted to do a Scott's Covenanter Army, but my interest in the time period waned rapidly.

The Charles V army list in the Impetus Rulebook includes both Spanish and Landsknecht Squares.  I dug out my ECW figs and pulled out all of the minis that had a "Spanish-style" helm.  Among them were these guys that were well attached to their bases.  There were 25 in all, and I decided to complete these as an interim forces if nothing else.  I think they are old glory figs, but I cannot be sure.

Impetus allows Pike units to be up to three bases deep, so I am planning to actually do mine with 1 deep base of 20+ figs and a rear base of 12.  I really can't see ever fielding just 1 base of pikes, so this allows me to minimize the number of bases I actually do.  (After losing 1 unit, I remove the small stand; after losing the second I replace the large stand with the small one.)  I found enough similar figs to add some Officer and musician figs, as well as a stand of Mounted Arquebus.  

The down side is that I still don't know what to do with the leftovers...


Royalist (?) cavalry

Old Glory Horse.

More Royalists

unbased Arquebus

Can anyone ID these figs?


  1. Sounds like a great re-visit to a project you really want to see fielded. Best, Dean

    P.S. Not familiar with the figs - haven't done much Renaissance

  2. Use the extras as French Wars of Religion or TYW?


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