Doppelsöldner III

I admit that I have been painting a lot of Landsknecht pike recently.  (There are many awaiting their turn at basing right now.)   I have painted the first few units to align with my existing old WHFB empire regiments, and thus I needed a Doppelsöldner unit to go along with the Reikland regiment.  I suppose these guys will also serve with the Swiss contingent until I get some appropriate Halberd bearers.  These are the last three of my Old Glory zweihanders with 1 leader fig from Wargames Foundry.  I am really enjoying this time period for both the pompous costumes and the interesting mix of weapons.


  1. Nothing quite says "cool" like billowing, multi-colored costumes. You're tempting me too.

  2. Well, as you know, I love this period! the extravagant costumes, the bold flags, and the wild mix of armor, weapons and tactical systems is hard to beat. Throw in Machiavellian politics and the meddling of church and nobles, and how much better does it get? :-)

  3. Yes, this period has some lovely (outrageous) costumes. Coupled with pike or two-handed swords, who can resist! Best, Dean


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