6mm Fatamid Cavalry - Mameluke Cavalry

So much Arab cavalry....  These are half of the Mameluke cavalry with Spear/Bow I received in my Baccus Fatimid army packs.  (This is one WHA  packs worth).  I did these in a mix of colors to build off of the color array in the foot troops to create a vivid contrast with my Crusader force.  I think this will make them "pop" more in games with the Crusaders were it is harder to see individual models in this scale.  Also, it make for a nice change of pace from the repetitive action of painting my more uniform groups.

I did these in groups of three to make them more conducive to games like Command and Colors as well as WHA.  I am planning to try out Jon's Impetus Hex board modifications with these as soon as I get the CM cavalry done.

Now I only need to base the other half.


  1. Looking good! You are rearing racking up the painted lead.

  2. It occurs in waves. I get a bunch done, then comes the long task of basing...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, the back and forth with 28mm is going to make my eyes bleed....

  4. Beautiful paintjob, can't do the same in 6mm...really impressive!

    1. Thanks, although the effect is more impressionist that detail. I find the bold, simple colors give the right effect at the critical 2'-3' observation distance.


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