6mm Fatamid Cavalry - Bedouin Light Cavalry

It's been awhile since I worked on finishing my 6mm Crusader era forces.  (At least the Arab side)  I finally completed all of the light cavalry and am now going through the process of mounting and basing.  First out of the chute are two units of Bedouin Cavalry.  I originally purchased two WHA Fatamid army packs from Baccus, which each come with 9 Bedouin light cavalry with spears and shields.  I am opting to base my light cavalry with 4 figures/stand, so I had to steal some figures from the Mameluke cavalry units to round out all six bases.  I opted to do this by using 2 each of the leaders, standard bearers and Mameluke regulars mixed into the group.

I kept the shields as simple 1 or 2 color affairs with light squiggles of black to imply arabic writing.

With these complete, I just need to base the other 96 Mameluke cavalry.  Then I need to get started on the Heavy Cavalry.


  1. Great looking units, very nice job!

  2. Amazing work on these 6mm figs; the smallest I've painted was 1/72nd. Dean

  3. Thanks all, I was very happy with these.


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