Warriors of Islam part IV -More Arab foot

When I picked up the Crossbows a few months back, I also took the opportunity to get some of BTD's Arab foot to round out a unit and use my leftover figs from the earlier group.  I really like these castings, and the shields have three dimensional aspects that provide a nice counter to the flat shields in the other units.  These are filling the space for my third "Horde" FP stand under the Ayyubid list in the Impetus Rulebook, although I may convert them over to one of the FL units after I finish up the figures from the Eureka miniatures "Saladin" bundle I picked up over the holidays.  So many Irons in the fire...


  1. We may have a hard time telling whose troops are whose in our next game!

  2. Thanks, I was thinking you could use them for one of your flanks when we try out the full Impetus rules

  3. Is the black space at the rear of the stand to accept a magnetic label?


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