Terrain Tiles for Command and Colors: Ancients

I have been heavily focused on terrain pieces of late, so it seemed natural to return to my C&C:A terrain tiles project to finish it off.  Last year I did a complete set of "Green World" tiles to go along with my Samurai Battles Travel Edition.  That was followed by the 4" hex set for 15mm and 28mm games.  I had more than enough hexes left over to start on my "Brown World" set in 6mm for the Command and Colors Ancients basic set.  First up, a river tile set.

For these, I used the card stock river tiles that come with the board game.  (The game tiles are 2.125" across, and the largest wood hex tiles I could find were 2")  I first coated them with a satin finish wood sealer in order to water proof the cardboard against the paint and the glue.  I then painted the river sections, matching the images on the tiles using a mixture of medium and dark blue.  The river banks were picked out by outlining them with white glue and sprinkling on dark sand.  Once the entire thing dried, I used my lighter sand basing mix on the rest of the tile.  (I took the opportunity to add two ford tiles as well).  Adding some larger rocks and vegetation gave them a more finished look.  I dull coated the entire thing to lock the material in place, and then went back over the water features with a satin finish.

The "rough terrain" hexes are just 2" wooden hexes with large talus rocks and some flock-scrub.

While working on these I also dug up a bin with some older Irregular 6mm lead terrain pieces.  These included an Oasis and some Palm trees I picked up when I first started collecting 6mm figures for things beyond micro armor.

The Oasis is a sizable chuck of metal, and needed epoxy to hold it together.  The Palm trees were glued to wooden disks to allow for noting 'wooded' tiles.

I plan on using the same water technique to do some shoreline tiles once I finish the hills.  My initial goal is to complete enough tiles to play all of the scenarios from the basic set.  Then I will expand it to go to the 4" terrain set.


  1. Great results and a clever idea to use the 2D terrain tile as a foundation for the 3D product.

  2. Great work! That is a sweet upgrade.

  3. I played a C&C game once with 28mm figs, but your marvelous terrain work makes it apparent that it would be better for 15mm or smaller, IMO. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks all, I appreciate the comments.

    @DeanM While I am set up for playing it in 6mm (2" tiles) and 15mm (4" tiles), I have seen it work fine with 28mm. The single stand elements for Impetus could just as easily maneuver on a 4" or 5" hex board.


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