Samurai Battles Travel Edition -Command Stands

Another burst of command stands from my flurry of activity over winter break.  This time it is the mounted Samurai Generals from the Baccus Age of War Samurai line.  The set includes six different castings including a messenger with Sashimono and Horo. I also added my three left over samurai cavalrymen to provide some guards and plus up the numbers. As these are meant to round out my 6mm 'Travel Edition' Samurai Battles armies; I went with 2 three-figure stands to denote army leaders, some 2-figure stands to denote 'named' mounted leaders and four single mounted stands to denote unnamed mounted leader.    I chose to mount the messengers w/Horo (The big ball looking thing on their backs), in case I change to a rule system that actual reflects messengers in the Command Mechanic.  I am all about modularity.

Yellow army leader briefs his Messenger

A selection of Noble generals... or general nobles.

I really like the overall look of the Baccus sculpts for this line.  They look good en masse and the detail pops well for this scale.  The addition of Sashimono to most of the sculpts makes for a very colorful and dynamic army.  The only disappointment is the lack of Foot commanders.  I ended up using Samurai Retainers and Warrior monks from the Medieval Samurai line to fill in the gaps.

They look O.k., but I really do not want to try and scratch build Sashimono for this this scale.

I broke out the entire set to try out a solo play of the scenarios from the new "Ninja Attack" scenarios.  I have the pictures in the cue with a pile of other "Battle reports I keep meaning to get to," and will post eventually.  For those unfamiliar with the update, they added Mounted and Dismounted Samurai archers as well as peasant infantry to the mix.  There are rules for No-Daichi equipped Samurai as well, but they are not explicitly included in the Scenarios provided.  The inclusion of the Archers makes for a significant change as both units throw three, rather than two missile dice, and only three close combat dice on the charge.  This makes for a greater emphasis on missile fire, which better reflects the earlier periods of Samurai History.  I played four of the scenarios and found them to all be challenging, especially for the Yellow Side.  This appears to be a recurring trend in the scenario books for both the Basic Set and the Expansion.


  1. Nice work on the command stands! I have some Samurai on my painting desk too, although in 15mm.

  2. Thanks. I just primed some 15mm Sohei myself. I am out this weekend, but hopefully I will slather some paint on them next week.

  3. Very nice command stands. Coincidentally I have a few Samurai command stands needing to be done too - but still haven't received my order from Litko. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks, I am looking forward to seeing your work


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