6mm Samurai Castle

Another large terrain piece from my Irregular Miniatures bin.  I wanted to make some set-dressing for my Samurai Battles game, so I dug out this Lead gem.  I removed one wall section from each side to get this to actually fit on the 4" hex, but whole piece is closer to 6" square.  Much like the "Oriental Stone Fort", this is a heavy, multi-piece, all-lead casting with some deformation and difficult fitting.  I glued the exterior walls down, but left the central castle free so I could use it on my 2" hex  map.

That also means that the remaining fort can be used to house a single stand of 'Defenders'  

Now that I have the piece done, I am considering how to do a custom scenario to use it in Samurai Battles....


  1. Very impressive! I would like to see how they appear in person. They look great, including the figs, in the photos. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks. The complete set is even more impressive. That said, the model would work much better in resin. It is a heavy piece, and the lead bends and twists on some of the wall pieces.

  2. Very nice, and just the thing to set the time and place on the table, even if it has no effect on play; still better if it does!


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