6mm Dwarf Command Stands

A few more 6mm Dwarf figures from Microworld Games passing across the table. These are a mix of figures from the Dwarf command pack  and the Viking Command Pack.  One of my complaints about the Dwarf command pack was the abundance of specialty figs.  Do I really need 6 guys with an Anvil?  6 Guys riding shields, 6 identical Rune Standards?  The Viking command pack helps to address this.  At this scale, they look like they belong with the group, and they provide good diversity.  Like the other packs you get six of each sculpt:  standard bearer with a cloth banner, a horn-blower, two generic heroes in mail with axes and shields.a 'Thor' mini (Shirtless guy with Hammer and Shield), and 'Odin' (Spear shield and 2x Ravens on the Shoulders)  Only the Odin figure seems fairly specialized.  As with the rest of the collection, I based them on various sized bases/larger groupings to represent different levels of command.  

Thor on the left, Champion on the right

Dwarf General on shield surrounded by his own Hearthguard

'Odin' with an inspiring retinue


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