Out with the old...

and in with the new!

Drum Roll please:  This year's miniature count is 5082 figures painted and based.  Down roughly 100 figures from last year (and roughly 1400 from 2011), but painting all this 28mm will do that to you.  My Analogue Hobbies painting score (Apparently the Gold Standard for painting completion scoring) was a robust 5878, up 701 points from last year. (Again, all that 28mm)

I had wanted to get more completed, but this year also saw me more active with both my teaching and National Guard commitments.  In addition, there was the sizable terrain piece I had to paint (house),  and the display cases and cabinetry for the den.

In terms of games, Father-son gaming diminished significantly as miniatures are not as cool as Minecraft.  (In fact nothing is as cool as Minecraft...)  I managed to play several games up in Spokane with Jon and even conned some family members into playing Command and Colors and Samurai Battles.  (Command and Colors is a Gateway Drug to historical gaming....)

The breakaway game for me for this year is definitely Impetus.   I know I am late to the party with this one, but it will be added to my short list of Game Systems of Choice.

But enough of this on to the minis:


Austrian Infantry Blow-out from the April 1000

6mm Remains my scale of choice, even as 28mm made significant in-roads.  I managed to paint almost 4300 castings broken out into Ancients, Medieval s and Napoleonics.  Over 1000 of them were completed in the painting Marathon that was the April 1000.


I managed to complete my Parthians, Sassanids and Celts this year.

Completed Sassanid Army.  All Baccus.
About 1/3 of the Celts.

Desert Moose of Parthia


In a fit of insanity, I decided to purchase and Paint a Sengoku era 6mm Army Set to create a Samurai Battles Travel Edition.  The insanity, of course, was that I had already done this using my older Baccus Age of War Samurai.  Thankfully Richard Borg has released the updates to Samurai Battles that includes Samurai Archers and Mounted Archers!  Hah hah, who's mad now!

Don't answer that...

Medieval /Crusades

I completed two units of Crossbows to go with my Norman army, and then branched out to include some Spanish and Crusader contingents.

Norman Army


Enter the Templars

Hidalgos from Aragonne, sans Aragorn.

More Normans

This of course Necessitated I start painting a 6mm Fatimid army to paint them.  (You see how this works?)  I should get the Cavalry finished in 2014.  (Maybe)


"Who da man!?!" 

As this blog started as a way to share my 1809 project, it only seems fitting that the lion's share of my 6mm painting was devoted to the forces of the 1809 campaign itself. This included over 1000 Austrian infantry and a completed Bavarian Corps.  I even managed to get a start on an Italian Corps for battles in the South.  Strangely I only managed 3 stands for the French, but one of those was the Iron Marshal, so I suppose he counts for a 1000 himself.

Look upon my works and despair!

Bavarian Corps?  yes we have one of those...
Italian Division

Micro Armor

This was probably my most neglected scale with only a handful of Modern Vehicles and Infantry completed.  This was my primary focus in 2010 and 2011 when I completed my Platoon Scale Soviet Tank Division, but seems to have fallen on hard times.  (Much like those Soviet Tank Divisions.)  Worst was my failure to complete a single WWII figure this year.  Something to improve I guess



One of the unplanned directions was a foray into 6mm fantasy miniatures.  I have a long-term goal of being able to play some games inspired by the Lord of the Rings with the boy, so I decided to try some of Microworld Games miniatures to see how they fit.

Microworld Dwarfs
Elf Army

Mason's Dwarfs break my Elf's center to force the river


Once my scale of choice, 15mm has fallen well out of favor in the last decade.  It has become too large for my 6mm technique and too small for 28mm techniques.  How do I win back my 15mm mojo?

Sengoku era Peasant Archers and Irregulars 
1812 Native Warbands

Dwarf General


  In addition to my WHFB rehabilitation project, I managed to collect, paint and field a complete Reconquista "El Cid" force Impetus.  Considering the original plan was to make a Norman warband for Saga, this counts as my unplanned achievement for the year.

"How I spent my Summer vacation..."

Although Jon completed the Moorish force to face them, I of course felt compelled to build an opposing force of my own, so finished out the year working on some Fatamids/Saracens to face them.

My Rehabilitation project saw another 143 Bretonnian and Empire figures refurbished (or painted) and moved from storage to the display case

The appearance of my medieval plastic sergeants, of course led them to join the Bretonian army in due course

Finally, this project (and a rare discount sale from Foundry) compelled me to paint my favorite unit for 2013, my Landsknect Pike

So this wraps up the bright side of 2013.  Next up, I need to compare my results to my goals to see how I did....


  1. Stellar productivity for you in 2013! Nearly 5,100 painted figures? That is insane! There must be something in the water. Scott, yourself, and I all exceeded 5,000 Curtiss painting points in 2013.

    1. I must admit to being reticent to post an update following your impressive and formidable presentations. My god man, the Graphs!

  2. You have been a machine, that's a lot of lead passing over the table


    1. Thanks. It seems like I should have gotten more though.

  3. In the words of Keanu Reeves: Whoa.

    1. You have no idea how many times I use this exact quote when teaching Quantum Physics.

  4. Stunning level of production, and you'll be right back at it! I do believe there is something in the water. If you could bottle it and sell it on TMP, score!

    1. As I've said before, I would like to thank the History Channel and the entire Discovery Network of channels for switching to so much un- watchable dreck, that I am driven to my paints rather than the TV for evening entertainment.


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