2013 Score Card

As a follow up to the year in review, here is a quick analysis on how my performance compared to expectations from last year.

GOAL 1:  Finish painting my incomplete projects


  • ·         6mm Sassanid Army -Complete!
  • ·         6mm Parthian Army - Complete!
  • ·         6mm Norman/1st Crusade Army  - I added several units, and pending completion of my Secret Santa Acquisition, will have depleted all on-hand stocks.

      Partial Successes:

  •                 28mm Spanish-American War Americans. - I completed CPT O'Neil, 11 dismounted Rough-riders, and all of the Rough Rider's mounts.  I did not finish the riders or buffalo soldiers 
  •         6mm Austrian 1809 Army  I completed my Adler Curassiers and over 1000 infantry including Grenze and 2 regiments of Landwehr.  I still have 4 stands of Hussars and 8 stands of Landwehr to finish.
  •        15mm Elves, Dwarves and other Nerdy things. All of the Elves and Undead are done, I still have about 50 dwarf figures and a few trolls before I can call this done. 
  •         Rebase my Empire Cavalry and Bretonnian Armies from WFB 3rd and 4th Edition.  I completed all of the infantry, to include my back-log of unpainted/unfinished models.  Completed most of the Empire cavalry and start on the Bretonnians.  In addition I started building a Renaissance German force for Impetus around my Empire Army

       Unmitigated Failures

  •         All of my unpainted terrain pieces (Tiles and Building) - Just didn't happen.
  •          6mm French 1809 Army.  I painted Davout and 2 Infantry Squares.  Didn't even dent the Guard...
  • ·         20mm WWII USMC and US Paratroopers  -Didn't touch them.  
  • ·         15mm War of 1812 US Army  -No progress
  • ·         15mm War of 1812 British/Canadians - Completed Native allies.  Still need to re-base entire collection.  
  • ·         15mm HYW - No Progress
  • ·         1/6000 Scale WWII  US and Japanese fleets  - I Suck
  • ·         1/2400 Age of Sale US, British and French fleets -This is getting depressing.  

     GOAL 2:  New Painting Projects I want to start


      28mm Reconquista Army for Impetus.  -Woohoo!  (Technically shouldn't count as it was not a stated goal.) 

     Partial Successes

      6mm Fantasy Project - Finished painting my Man O War flyers and added several hundred Dwarf and Elf units for future games. 

   Unmitigated Failures

  •        28mm Norman force for Saga - This turned into the Reconquista Army.  
  • ·         6mm Polish Great Northern War  - No work done at all.           

GOAL 3 - Trade-away or sell the accumulated miniatures I may never actually get to.   


Old Glory French Napoleonics

Painted instead

   15mm Minifig Samurai
    Fleet Action Scale Babylon 5 starships

Didn't sell/touch

15mm Colonial French
·        15mm Early Imperial Romans (Old Glory and Essex)
·         20mm Viet Nam US, NVA and VC
·         25mm Old Glory ECW·     
·         Unpainted Battlemechs
·         Unbuilt 1/72 Scale modern and WWII tank models
·         15mm Essex Renaissance Era Germans/Italians/Poles etc.
·         15mm Old-Glory and Minifig Napoleonic Prussians and Brits

Overall Evaluation:  

Goal 1:  Partial Success  

I reduced the number of incomplete projects overall, but the lead mountain now contains more unpainted 6mm French than it did a year before.  My goal of revamping and completing my War of 1812 collection for 1812 if now entering its third year with no significant gains.  Also, I have little boxes including bits and pieces of abandoned projects that need to be completed or eliminated.

Goal 2:  Success: 

 My foray back into 28mm resulted in a small renaissance for me with an entire army completed over the summer and games played.   My son likes the 6mm Fantasy army for the small games we can play with it on the coffee table.

Goal 3:  Dismal Failure

Not only did I fail to reduce the trash heap, but I added to it with my Magpie purchases along the way.  I keep thinking I will throw things up on Bartertown or the surplus minis egroup and then never actually get around to it.  Instead I have thinks sitting in Boxes and Bags waiting for their turn to be painted or disappear.

That looks more grim than it should.  I did manage to increase my painting score as it were, and the display cases were a nice touch.  Overall it was a good year for painting, I managed to get fewer games than I wanted to in, but more than I thought possible.   Now on to my goals for 2014!


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