Rehabilitating the Past -Knights of the Blazing Sun

A little love for my first Empire Cavalry unit.  The knights of the Blazing Sun seemed to the be the 'also ran' of the Knightly Orders in the 90s.  They seemed to take a distant fourth to the Reiksguard, Knights Panther and White Wolves.  That said, they were very interesting castings.  This unit has three knights (2 castings) the Standard bearer and the Grandmaster.  I chose to do them in Red as its seemed more fitting for the "Blazing Suns" than the Canon Black (Although suns being nearly perfect black body emitters would make it scientifically relevant...)  I need to get a better picture of these as I was very pleased with the original brass result I got on the armor and the metallic red on the horses.  Unfortunately my Polly-S brass dried up years ago, and I have still not found an adequate match.


  1. These knights are beautiful!

  2. Lovely work! I do like Empire knights.

    1. Thanks, I think the Knightly orders are some of the best lines GW did for WFB. Your Empire army looks incredible BTW, excellent Brushwork


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