Rehabilitating the Past -Empire Banners

The December Potpourri continues unabated.  I solved my Empire Banner issue through a simple google image search.

The author appears inspired by history, which provided me with exactly what I was looking for:  A unified approach and German Influences.   (It appears to be from a defunct Angelfire site, so my apologies to the Author, I couldn't find your name.)

I now have some colors for my my core units:

A mixed bag of old, older and oldest Citadel figs

Halberdiers from the "Ersatzsolder" plug-in minis. (Set up as Pike, Swordsmen or Cross-Bows)

The Handgunners posted earlier this month.

In addition I finished off the last of my Reikland Archers

And the last of my unpainted Metal Halberdiers

I am definitely all over the place this month  trying to clean up these partial projects.  Currently on the workbench in various stages of completion I have:

6mm Arab Cavalry
28mm Berber Cavalry
28mm Landsknechts
28mm Ex Illis figs
15mm Japanese Peasant Archers
6mm Dwarf Infantry
15mm Goblins
6mm Crusaders
6mm French Infantry and Imperial Guard Artillery
1/285 IDF Infantry
28mm Arab Crossbowmen
28mm Walls and Barriers
6mm Middle eastern buildings

It is shaping up to be an interesting winter.


  1. You are on fire! Feels good to clear away some of this detritus, doesn't it?

    1. Indeed, I have three storage bins in the Garage with unpainted minis. My goal is to reduce that to 1 in 2014

  2. Looking good, and an amazingly eclectic (? schizophrenic, LOL) mix of eras, nationalities, and scales!


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