Rehabilitating the Past -Bretonnian Archers

A couple of units back from the 90's.  These originally came with the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th Edition Boxset.  (along with the Lizard men)  I enjoyed painting my Bretonnian army, however I found them to be a rather bland army.  The archers promise to make a workable HYW unit for Impetus, however.


  1. Good looking units but I can see how they would look boring compared to other units on a fantasy table


  2. Thanks Ian. I will need to clarify with the next update. It's not the figures I found bland but the army Mechanic itself. The Bretonnian army in 4th edition was almost exclusively a charge army. They had Knights, stronger knights and the strongest Knights. If they failed to break an opponent on the charge, they were essentially done.

  3. The proverbial one-trick pony!

    They should work well as HYW longbowmen - the blue and white livery would also work for the army of Charles the Bold.

    Not surprisingly, they rather strongly resemble my Perry longbowmen.


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