Pesky Little Devils

December rolls on and the quest to clean up the eaches continue.  This time it is another 10 Ympes from the Ex Illis minis I picked up.  I did these as traditional red devils.  No change from the  brown ones, although I do think they picked some odd poses for these minis.  Do you really need 2 copies of guy "Booga Booga" guy with his Weapon shoved in the ground?

I did the rim of the bases in Red to make the unit easier to distinguish.  I am not sure what I will do with these guys, so they may go into long term storage.  Anyway, they are done and now I can move one...


  1. I think they'd make nifty markers, sort of the way I use sheep, chickens, etc!

  2. Interesting ideas. I suppose they would work better than my Peter Pig 'Lewd' Longbowmen.


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