Lansdknecht II

Both units are now complete.  I did these with a Blue-White Paint scheme and included the Elector Count's personal banner to reflect a 'Life Guard' Regiment.  I really enjoyed painting these.  I am thinking of picking up some of the Old Glory two-handed swordmen to add a unit of Greatswords to the mix.  I really need to finish updating all of the cavalry, but I am having too much fun doing infantry.  I suppose I should get back to the 6mm figs as well.  Thank god noone does these in 6mm, I would be sunk....


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    1. I considered doing these figs as four Impetus stands, but the larger Pike blocks just present better "mass." They also have a healthy weight to them...

  2. Great looking units and the base work is fntastic too

  3. Jake,

    How many 2 Handed Swordsmen would you need to make a unit?; I have a pack of 30 OG, but probably need less than half that many. I'd be happy to see the surplus put to use!

  4. Awesome work! Sorry for the late visit! Dean


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