El Cid Gallery

Jon added a Gallery for his Reconquista collection to his blog.  It was after a game last summer that he convinced to me to expand my plans for a SAGA Norman warband to create an Impetus Reconquista era Spanish Army.  The project inspired me to return to painting 28mm minis again, and really took off beyond my expectations.  I have since built a sizable army with a strong Crusader contingent and am now slowly working on my own Saracen/Fatamid army to allow for my own opposition forces.

So, as Jon has his gallery for his side, I have added a companion gallery page for those that want to see what he is facing.


  1. Great project.

    6mm? What 6mm?! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. this is my favorite unit from the entire project.

  3. Another fine addition to the project. The basing is also superbly done. Dean


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