Warriors of Islam part II

The second stand of Arab foot is now based.  Most of these figs are Gripping Beast, and they are really a pleasure to paint.  The sculpts are clean and the detail is accessible without contorting my brushing hand.  

I used some of the extra Armored figs to create a command stand for rules beyond Impetus

This is all of my available infantry, so now it is on to do some Berber cavalry to start my mounted contingent/


  1. Neat.

    The banner on the command stand is extra nice.

  2. Nice shield work. I've painted many of these same figures and at least half of them are BTD. I, too, like the command stand banner.

  3. These are really nice, that command stand gets my vote too


  4. Thanks all. I found the banners on an on-line game site, and frankly can't find the link now.


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