Game room interlude

The knightly defenders look out to the approaching undead horde

So my son had a friend over yesterday..  I had just finished installing the lights in my display cases and sorting my miniatures onto their appropriate shelves.  Realizing this Mason declared the need to build a new battlefield on the game table.  He and his friend proceeded to come up with the battlefield you see here.  

The massed forces of the Necromancer advance.

They spent the better part of twp hours sculpting the hills and shaping the terrain.  The miniatures were more of an afterthought.  I stayed out of the room, lest my apprehension at their handling my tiny treasures overcome my reason. 

In the end it turned out to be a massed attack of Dwarfs. Goblins and Skeletons against the Medieval human defenders.  Fortunately for the outnumbered humans, they were able to secure the support of a mixed lance from the Eridani Light Horse 

I live for discovering these little moments hidden on my table....

Happy thanksgiving everyone.  For my part I am thankful for the constant reminders not to take myself to seriously.  


  1. Looks like the guys had a lot of fun setting the stage! You were probably wise not to be present in the room for most of that. :-)

    1. My wife eased some of the stress with a well-timed winter beverage....


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