Adventures in 185mm update

The Mark V is now complete and wired for display.  Overall, I am much happier with this layout.  The extra room along the top allows for the taller Cavalry figures, and the overall 4 inch depth makes it easier to position and move pieces without knocking them all over.  

I have chosen to reserve this case for my growing 28mm Medieval hordes (watch this space for updates)  The Mark III will handle the lions share of my 15mm and 20mm collections

For those curious as to the rumored Mark IV, let if be said that it did yeoman's work warming the house in the fireplace last month, and shall not be discussed further...

I have enough glass to do at least one more of these, so I am thinking a second Mark III will make a nice "castle wall" for the South face of the room.


  1. Nice display cabinets - properly displayed figs prior to going into battle. Best, Dean

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. The pictures really hide the flaws....

  3. Those are quite good. Way better than anything I can do.

    I just want to point out though, that 185mm is about 7 & 1/2 inches. Adult, human males stand about 1700-1900mm (I'm about 1740mm, and 6' is about 1830mm). Give scale creep, and that scale is supposed to be from the feet to the eye, I'd probably call the real world about 1700mm.


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