Jon's 1st Anniversary Giveaway.

Jon is celebrating one year of blogging, and wants to celebrate by giving things away.  Go here so you can register to win things.  It is awesome.  

Seriously though, I have been gaming with Jon off and on for about 15 years now.  His collection is impressive, and he is a wealth of knowledge on many areas of military history. His Anatomy of Glory rules for the Napoleonic period are the reason my Napoleonics collection exists.  (That and some of the epic games he has put on.)  The friendly competition we developed over our Reconquista era units for Impetus was the reason we were able to drive the project to completion in a relatively short three months.

Congrats Jon on 1 year blogging and your second decade of cataloging the hobby on-line.


  1. Very kind of you, Jake! We have had some good times.


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