Didn't you just do this in 28mm?

Rounding out my 6mm Normans I opted to get another pack of Baccus 6mm charging Norman knights.  With the few left over from the original set, I had enough to do 8 complete stands.  I opted to do four inspired by my Spanish Knights

and four with a mixed bag.

This gives me a whopping 15 stands to face off against my burgeoning Fatimid force, once I complete the hordes of Mameluke horsemen glaring at me from across the hobby table.


  1. Nice shield work on those horsemen! Say, didn't you just do this in 28mm? I say, yes you did!

    1. Thanks, for the infantry units, I am going to try and take a page from your playbook and do most in one color and then intersperse some designs.

  2. Incredible in this scale! Great work!


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