Baccus 6mm Fatimid Infantry

Playing a few games of Impetus against Jon's Arab forces inspired me to start painting some opposition to my 6mm Normans/Early Crusaders.  I ordered two sets of Baccus' WMA Fatimid packs.  These are the 'Fatimid Spearmen' (no pictures on the Baccus website).

I tried to use a mix of subdued pastels for their robes, and a mixture of colors/patterns for the shields.  I did most of the rounds in plain red, however, and I am less than happy with the outcome.

The castings are very clean with only one broken figure in the set.  I noticed more flash than usual on the spears, and some of the models have split seam that indicates the mold was not properly aligned.  I noticed this with some of the new Austrian Grenze from the same order, so it may have just been an off day at the molds (heh).  The only other flaws I found were some incomplete castings on the edges of the round shields and the points of the kite shields.  The issues weren't bad, just more noticeable compared to the other recent castings.


  1. Will these be used for Basic Impetvs games?

    I have a bunch of older Baccus ancients with the same problem: incompletely cast shields, weapons, and a few heads.

  2. Yes, I was surprised by these. They seem more like a step backward in terms of their quality. The new Austrian Grenze have similar issues. The Mameluke cavalry is much better, as are the new French Napoleonic cavalry.


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