6mm Austrian Cuirassier

A few more 6mm Austrians.  These are Cuirassiers from Adler's Napoleonic line.  From Ian's review of the New Baccus French cavalry  I guess I fall into the 'Baccus infantry and Adler cavalry' camp for 6mm Napoleonics.  I picked these up when I order my Bavarian figs last year to beef up my Austrian Cavalry forces.  This both figurative and literal as I needed more Cuirassier and the Baccus sculpts looked slightly anemic

Seen here in a head to head comparison
The Adler sculpts are much more detailed and dynamic.  There is a cost, however, in that they have more fragile components that will detach under even light handling.  This includes Standards, swords and horse tails.  The bases are also quite narrow, which makes attaching them bases quite fiddly.  The Baccus figures stand up very nicely on their own, so white glue works just fine.  The Adler figures topple under a slight vibration, and so work best with CyA and an accelerant.


  1. Te larger vAddler figures look better to me, not surprisingly. I like my 28's, but I could go as 10mm were I to start all over... which I am assuredly NOT doing! :-)

  2. Very nice painting. Those Baccus seem VERY small but all the issues you mention for Adler I have (and do) suffer. I now go and get started on my 6mm French


  3. I sometimes consider shifting up to 10mm, but frankly given the size of my existing army, that would not be prudent.


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