1809 Austrian Landwehr

My first two stands of Austrian Landwehr.  I was really at quite a loss for these, so I settled on my normal response for all confusion in painting Austrians:  copy whatever Peter does.
I definitely took liberties with the unit standard. Normal Yellow standard on one side, regional 'heraldry' on the other

For these two units I went with a very basic Grey and White paint scheme with red collars and cuffs.  To differentiate the units I went with Brown hats for one and black for the other.  I have enough models to do three more stands, but am waffling between doing three different color regiments or just doing them all like these and calling it go for the time-being.  Decisions. Decisions.

The casts are similar to the new Grenze, and are well detailed for the scale.  As mentioned in some earlier posts these had some miscast pieces where the molds did not seem to be lined up (not something I can fix with a hobby blade.)  They do however, pass the 6mm 'Two Foot' test and are therefore not an issue.


  1. The standards are perfectly reasonable, and the units look good.

    Re other Landwehr units - c'mon, you gotta do at l;east one unit of Inner Austrian Landwehr (green coats), and one of Erzherzog Karl Legion or Bohemian Landwehr (brown coats), right?!

    1. I was looking at doing the inner Austrian landwehr. I was less sure about the other two simply because it is hard to differentiate from the Grenze at this scale.

    2. I have all three of those in my 15mm Austrian army. Those, and more.

  2. There's always the Hngarian Insurrectio in medium/light blue.... :-)


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