15mm Dwarf Infantry

Slowly scaling back down towards the target 6mm....  I have a  mass of figs awaiting final basing this month based on my 'cleaning up' initiative following the completion of my Reconquista Spanish.  A big chunk were these Daemonworld 15mm Dwarf warriors.  These fill out the rank and file of the Dwarf army I painted around this time last year.  I have maintainted the White/Blue color scheme for these, and I have settled on a single-base/unit basing structure.  I have tried some experimental games of Impetus with my lab assistant  (He rolls the dice), and the results are promising.

These figs are the closest to a 'true-scale' 15mm of the figures I have.  They are slightly smaller than Black Foundary figures and significantly larger than Peter Pig.  The castings are very clean, and they have the right 'look' for the typical Norman-influenced dwarfs from most popular fantasy genres.


  1. I noticed these pictures turned out awful. I will replace them sometime this month. Sorry....


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