so you say you want a revolution...

Long ago I listed some of the podcasts I like to listen to while painting.  This week I discovered one of my favorite  pod-casters, Mike Duncan, is starting a new show.  His original podcast " A History of Rome" is responsible for the existence of my 6mm Republican Roman Army.  I thoroughly enjoyed all 179 episodes as he took us from Romulus to Romulus Augustulus.  I even went so far as to buy Lars Brownworth's "Lost to the West" from just to 'finish the story'.

Mr. Duncan just launched 'Revolutions' this week, and the first episode was quite engaging.  His stated goal is to do roughly 12 weekly episodes about a revolutionary period in history, take a month off, and then switch to a new period.  First up is what he is calling the  'English Revolution' which most of us would recognize as the the English Civil War.  I am excited to see where this show goes.

Since it's been two years since I last updated my podcast list.  Here are my recommendations for those looking for a good listen while painting, driving or whatever.

A History of Rome - as stated above, DAYS of entertainment.
The History of England - 103 Episodes and climbing.  He took about 4 episodes to find his stride, so don't let the first few turn you off.
Meeples & Miniatures/View from the Veranda - One of the only Gaming Podcasts I listen to regularly.  The conversations with Henry Hyde (formally Battlegames, now Miniature Wargames editor) on View from the Veranda are all quite engaging.
Norman Centuries - 12 episodes covering the history of the Normans from the seizure of Normandy to their Sicilian/Italian exploits.
Ancient Warfare Magazine - Great round-table discussions about warfare, tactics and equipment during the ancients period.
The History of World War II - Excellent exhaustive histories of the events leading up to the war. My favorites are the personal histories of the various leaders.  There are six episodes on Churchill so far, and its almost 1900....


Iron Curtain - The Crushing of Eastern Europe (Anne Applebaum)  26 hours focused on how the Soviets proceeded in Eastern Europe after defeating Germany.

Lost to the West: The forgotten Byzantine Empire that Rescued Western Civilization (Lars Brownworth).  10 hours on the 1000 years between the fall of Rome and the end of the Roman empire.

That's my list, any suggestions of other good listens?


  1. I need to check some of those out as I love to listen to podcasts while painting. Thanks for the recommendations!

    My all time favorite history podcasts are Dan Carlin's hardcore history. Try Death Throes of the Republic. Wonderful!

  2. Some good finds here, thanks! I didn't see it in the list, but have you tried Hardcore History?


  3. Thanks for the recommendation I just downloaded a couple of episodes to give it a listen.


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