Rehabilitating the Past -Redux

Part of my clean-up effort includes my continuing efforts to rehabilitate some of my older figures.  Back in my Warhammer days, my favorite army was the Empire/  After the army was revamped around WD 127 I became quite enamored with the Kislevite figures.  Although flavored as Russians, the figures appeared inspired by a mix of Cossacks and Poles.  The Winged Lancers, were obviously inspired by the Polish Winged Hussars, and made for a great looking unit.

Over time they had fallen into disrepair, however.

Following my efforts to complete the Reconquista Spanish I deemed it necessary to continue to ride the 28mm wave while I could.  I re-based the figures and completed/touched up the paint schemes

For the Standard bearer, I decided to take a different direction and included some round shields instead of a cloth banner.  Finally I opted to add some lance pennants to make the unit look more finished.

The shields are still unadorned, but rather than doing transfers I ordered some Panzerni Shields from "The Assault Group" along with some of their Polish Hussar wing banners.  I have three more figures to finish for this unit, so I am aiming for a more historical look overall.


  1. Great looking figures, always liked the Kislevites too.


  2. These look great, does it mean a return of them to the table?


    1. Eventually, maybe. First I have to try out Impetus. Them I need to find an opponent with an existing army, or re-hab all of my Bretonnians. My 3rd edition fantasy armies are long gone...

  3. I agree with Ian and Steve, those figures look quite handsome. Nice job!

  4. Lovely unit. You will certainly need to find a rationale for returning them to the Field of Honor!


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