Rehabilitating the Past -Empire Pistoliers

The rehabilitation continues.  I have several units awaiting basing right now, but these got done first.  These are GW's Empire Pistolier minis from around 1995(?)  I've got two conversions in the group, the standard bearer and the champion.  The standard bearer is a simply weapon replacement.  The champion is the upper torso of a Reiksguard foot night and the legs from an old Knights Panther.  

 The unit has a total of 10 figures all in Demi-plate.  I am not sure what I will do with them long term, but there is always a chance they will see the battlefield again.


  1. A nice trip down memory lane


  2. Thanks. Once all of my new Baccus French arrive I intend to build some new roads...

  3. Pistoliers/Caracole troops are one of those cool things from a very short segment of history. They deserve to ride forth, spewing fire and lead once again!


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