Rehabilitating the Past -Bretonnian Riders

The last army I collected before turning my back on GW was the 4th Edition Bretonnians.  I really enjoyed the "High Middle Ages" look as a counter point to the "Imperial German/Polish" Empire figures.  I had a lot of fun with the army initially, but grew tired of it as essentially a 'one trick pony.'  The Armies sole strength was in massively powerful charges with Knightly Wedges (with limited fire support from the archers).  The fact that you could surrender the initiative in the first turn in order to inflict a '4+ to fire your war machines' penalty was a good indicator that this army would be a glass cannon.  

This unit of mounted Men-At-Arms were beautiful sculpts and I got a lot of headway into painting them.  But alas, they too were left to languish in the bin of unfinished projects.  All of this 28mm madness over the summer, however, gave them the chance to worm back into my mind.  

There are still three left to complete as well as a converted Knight to lead them.  The three riders are missing their spear arms, so I am forced to kit bash them back into viability.  Fortunately, I have a lot of left over arms from the Fireforge Templar and sergeants boxes.  Perhaps I can get them done within the next decade as well.


  1. Yeah, I have some of these kicking around; Brets have a ton of nice sculpts, and I keep looking for ways to adapt them for historical use.


  2. Do I see you entering the next Oldhammer contest?


    1. If I call the oldhammer, does that make me old?

  3. Wow, didn't know about these before. They look great.


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