Knight of Calatrava

I had one of the Fireforge Templars left over after completing my Impetus Spanish Army.  I decided to do a general/command fig in case I decide to try a different rule-set.  Overall it was just an excuse to break out the green stuff and make a headscarf for the guy.  (Gui?)   The only other modification necessary was to carve/file away the hilt of the sword in the scabbard.  (It is a minor pet peeve, but it still bothers me that both these models and the Conquest Games minis come with sheathed swords modeled into the bodies, and sword arms as the primary alternative to lances.)  I may have to get another set just to expand the overall force.  I really like the way the figures stand out among the rest of the army, they make a fine centerpiece army.

Working with my old Warhammer Horses, I am really noticing the changes in plastics over the years.  Especially the robustness of the tails.  Only time will tell, however.