Last month Jon posted a picture of his work table and referenced the tendency some of us have to crowd out painting into ever diminishing work-spaces.  As I neared completion of my Spanish force, I noticed that I had squeezed my way down to to about 5"x7" of usable space.  Time for a clean out.

The result is of course that I am now back to finishing abandoned projects of yore that were found lurking a midst the detritus.

One the game front, the boy and I have been playing X-Wing.  The basic rules are easy for a youngster to grasp and the game is fast paced.  Last weekend my son made the comment we all wait for

 "Aha!  I thought you were going to make that move! Which is why I picked this maneuver."

A proud moment, although I can't help but get the uneasy feeling of watching the Velociraptor turn the door handle....


  1. Nice Jurassic park reference. Good luck working through te pile.

    1. I have been working through the pile for 30 years and it never seems to go down....


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