..we're going to need some more guys

First off : a shout out to Monty for the reinforcements..  They are now 50% complete.

Some allied reinforcements to support this growing arms race with Jon.  I opted to use all of the armored figures from another box of Conquest Games Norman Infantry (and one leftover BTD Knight) to create two units of FP Crusader Foot.  I also picked up some extra basing materials to spice up the large unit bases.


These guys were done as generic "Hollywood" crusaders (because I can...), and for those who still doubt I am serious about this project: Standards.  That's right I am actually taking the plunge of adding flags and standards to all of my stands.  These two I found on-line, printed in black and white and then tried to color within the lines.

I am generally happy with these plastic figs, although assembly and prep are about 40% of the total time with the figures.  That and I am constantly discovering new locations for flash and mold lines.


  1. Yep very nice, we all have to go Hollywood at some point


  2. Arms race indeed! At present rate, we should be able to field enough for a test game this fall.


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