they're coming in too fast....

The last of the Conquest Games knights are now complete!  For this set I tried out the Flags of War decal set specifically for the two Norman plastic box sets.  Short summary:  Not a fan.  The slides are printed on a solid sheet which means you need to trim them to size.  The biggest issues is the shield boss which is molded on almost all of the shields.  There is a clear area on the decal, but it has to be cut out in order for the slide to lay properly on the shield.  The amount of trimming and fiddling made the process more aggravation than relaxation which defeats the primary purpose of a hobby....

There was also some wash out of the colors even on a base of "Foundation White", so I still ended up painting in the decals to bring out the colors of the patterns.  I can see the utility in using the decals for complex details, but I am less enthused with simple geometric patterns....

I had one left over Knight along with 4 BTD Knights I wanted to remount, so you can see the results here.  The BTD and Conquest Games miniatures look fine in the army separately, but the size differential really stands out in this picture.

Only the Crusaders remain...


  1. They may have been fiddly, but the shields look great.


  2. I agree, the shields look good, but I also think that you're right - would have been faster and easier to pain them yourself. Now, when you start getting to heraldic charges beyond the ordinaries, there I could see decals or similar; indeed, I have printed my own designs onto paper and glued them onto shield for some of those.

  3. These do look nice and I get your point about the decals, seems wash out is a problem for others as well as a mate suffered this on some 15mm decals



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