The last Crusade

That's it, stick a fork in em'.  I'm done.  After a summer of 28mm, I now have what I consider a complete Impetus army.  (Famous last words)  These are the ten remaining Knights I have from the Fire Forge games Templar Knights and Sergeants boxes.

I've always like the Templars as a historical (non-Tom Hanks affiliated) group and they add a solid component to the army, as well as for branching out into other Medieval venues.  That and Fire Forge has produced some very nice figures.

This complete the Cavalry arm of my force.  I have 9 stands of Lance armed Knights, 2 of Medium Cavalry and 3 of light cavalry.

So at 34 Elements, I am ready to field most the permutations of army available under the Impetus rules.  "What does the future hold" you ask?  I would be lying if I said I am actually done with this army.  Even as I type this I am thinking about doing some Moorish and Mercenary stands to support an "El Cid" style army, and perhaps a few personality figures for rules other than Impetus.  I will need some more markers.. or perhaps some Berber Cavalry....  Wait, what are we using for terrain!?!...

Does it ever end?


  1. No, of course it doesn't!

    Great looking Templars, though. :-)


  2. Outstanding! That is a really large force. Dwarfs my Islamic faction by a wide margin. Templar knights look, well, knightly.

    What are you planning to use for Berber cavalry?

    Again, great job!

    1. I haven't decided yet. I have been looking at gripping beast and artizen as well as BTD. I had hoped that Fireforge games would be doing some Arab figures to go along with their Deus Cult crusaders rules, but apparently they are going with the Mga mongols instead...

  3. Fantastic looking cavalry!


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