Nearing completion...

Chunking my way through the rest of the Norman Infantry Boxed set, I managed to pull out a unit of unarmored spearman and two more stands of skirmishing Javelins.  The leader figure is armed with a large branch, one of the extra arms from the Mounted Knights boxed set.  There is something extra intimidating about the guy who decides to just beat you down with a nice piece of hickory.

For the Javelins, I modified the spears a bit to make them appear lighter.  Cut down some of the length and narrowed the tips)

That brings me up to 4 skirmish stands.  I anticipate adding another two of archers and calling them done.

I have one more unit of unarmored spears to go and then the plastics will be spent.  The army itself is about 70% complete.  I have two more units of Order Knights, two units of Norman Knights, and some crossbows and archers left to complete as well.  Once that is down, I think I will take a break and go back to 6mm until I get a chance to use these guys...


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