Another step closer to completion...

My archer contingent is now complete.  These are a mix of Black Tree Designs Norman and 1st Crusade archers.  I already did one stand using converted Conquest Games Miniatures plastics, so I opted to do 1 T stand and two Skirmish stands

These came off of one of BTD's frequent 35%-50% off sales and are a great value.  Clean crisp miniatures that paint up quickly.  


  1. Excellent archers, Jake.

    I agree completely with your assessment of BTD figures; quality figures at a reasonable price. Actually, at 50% discount, they are a real bargain. I placed another large order recently to grab more of the Feudal ranges at 50% discount.

  2. Those archers are really great, wonderful looking troops!

  3. You've really been cranking them out! Maybe you should stick with the larger figures. :-)

    1. Thanks, but not gonna happen. I continue down this road, and my Napoleonics go next and then..bam... I'm worrying about button colors....


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