almost there...

The last of the plastics from Monty are now complete, which rounds out all of my planned infantry force.  I did these with mostly hand weapons and plan to use them to proxy Almughavars until I find some proper models.

This brings the size of the infantry force up to 4 stands of Feudal Foot (FP), 2 Stands of Communal Foot and/or Almuhhavars (FP/FL), and 2 Stands of Crusader Foot (FP).  This should suffice for most of my present needs.

as an experiment I also did one unit of Mounted Archers (CL) using the Conquest Games Norman Nights and some Crossbows from the Bits-box.  (2 old GW Cross bows and 1 from Reaper).  My secondary goal in painting this force is to get a sample of each unit type to experiment with.


  1. Great looking units, paintjob and basing are very nice...and I do like your work especially with the yellow colors!


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