more 15mm Dwarf Cavary

A few more figures from last years 15mm Fantasy project with/for the boy.  This time it is Dwarf Warriors on Rams from Reaper miniatures.  These fit between the Bear Riders and the Pony riders as Medium cavalry for the C&C:Kids rules we use.  I had a total of 9 figs, so I went with two units of 3 and a couple of command stands.  These are supposed to be 15mm, but are really much closer to 20mm figures.  That said, they are well detailed and easy to paint.

Finally I finished up a mass of Daemonworld (?) wolves to reinforce the armies of darkness.

Sometimes playing catch-up is entertaining just for the diversity.  I still have a mass of 1/285 Iranian armor and 15mm 1812 Americans sopping up my time.  


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