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It has been a full summer so far.  Between Annual Training, two family trips and a 204 mile bike ride, painting has fallen off.  (Except the 185mm House Project I have been painting.  That is taking longer than anticipated...)

To push my Impetus Norman and ersatz Spanish project forward, I went ahead and ordered a box each of Norman Knights and Foot Soldiers produces by Conquest Games.  This is my first foray into the new generation of hard plastics, and I find the experience overall favorable.  Assembly time is greater, and there is a lot of flash to clean, but they did turn out well.  The Norman knights box allowed me to produce two stand for Impetus.

I tried to maintain a color palette to make the units easier to identify.

The foot soldiers are nice as well, but there is a distinct lack of Missile troops, which to me is the first thing I would like in plastic.

I did several miniatures up as ax men to go along with some of my ax armed Black Tree Design figs.  The bases are 120mm x 60mm cut from scrap 1/4" plywood I had in the shop.  I normally use Litko bases, but in this case, the added thickness isn't as drastic looking for 28mm figs.

I rebased my Crossbowmen as well just to check the fit;

I am trying to create a simple basing style here, something that will work for Spain, Sardinia and the Holy Land.

I have enough figs now to complete another four infantry stands, and am planning to convert at least one set of plastics to Norman archers.  More to follow...


  1. Great progress! Are the cavalry on 120x60 or 120x80 bases? The plastics must be smaller than the BTD cav. Not sure I could squeeze six horse on a 120x60. Impetvs recommends 120x80 for cavalry but I opted for 120x60 for ancients cavalry and will likely do the same for Reconquista.

  2. it's a tight fit on the 12x6cm, and I think I would prefer doing 5 to give them a good wedge. I am going to drop the figure count to 4 for light cavalry. I considered 3, but it looked too sparse.


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