and yes, I still do 6mm...

I have always been interested in building some armies for the 1st and 2nd Crusade.  Baccus' Norman range seemed the best place to start (Aside from my current digression with 28mm)  I finally got around to basing these 6mm Norman Cross Bows.  Fun little figures that paint up very quickly.  Also a welcome relief from paint those hulking Behemoths in 28mm.

This completes the core of my Norman army, now to get some Turcopoles and Order Knights from Baccus' new range.


  1. I like the shields. I look forward to trying 6mm again after working on 15mm for so long.

    1. Thanks, I find that Norman shields are much easier in this scale as you only need to focus on "Impressions" rather than ultra detail. I am find my 28mm project almost excruciating when it comes to shields...


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