Even more 6mm Fantasy

One pack provided enough strips to base 5 stands with 24 figures each.

Another set of 6mm Dwarves.   This time they are from the Baccus fantasy range.  I ordered a pack to compare to the Microworld games figures I already have, and they are surprisingly compatible.

Side by side comparison of Dwarf Warriors

The figures are the same, height, but lack the same depth of detail as the MWG figs.  They do have the significant advantage of basing in strips of four, which makes them much easier to base uniformly.    The command strip comes with 1 hero, standard bearer, musician, and warrior.  In the long term I prefer the simple pole as it gives me more options for marking separate units.  Which is necessary at this scale.

The Baccus figures allowing for more dense units on the same stands

The Baccus figures are at a much lower price point, then the Microworld figures and thus work well for filling out the rank and file for an Army.  The Baccus fantasy range is much more 'whimsical', so I will continue to use Microworld for my specialty and auxiliary units.  

Speaking of which....

These are "Valkyries" from the Microworld Viking range.  I opted to paint them up as proxies for Elf cavalry and they fit in very nicely.

My son and I played our first game of Dwarves vs. Elves using modified Command and Colors rules and my casualty counter system.  Everything worked great and Dad even managed to edge out the boy for a 7-6 victory.  It was so much fun, I didn't even think to take pictures.


  1. What size are your bases? Thank you for your blog posts.

  2. 1.75" x .75" or roughly 40mm x 20mm

    1. Thank you. I'm considering getting some Baccus samurai and was curious how many fit onto a stand of 40x20.


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