6mm Elves

        Another chunk of the 6mm Fantasy project complete.  This time its Microworld Game's Elves.  I picked up three packs of Spearmen, one pack of Archers, one command pack and another Dark Elf command pack for the group.   The above figure is a Dark Elf sorceress painted in Wood Elf greens.  I did another with guards to act as a army general.

The Wood Elf command pack comes with 6 Wizards in robes, I have done in different colors:

For the Spearmen, you get two castings:  One with Robes and One without.  The command pack comes with a Champion, standard and Hornblower to make a complete unit:

Green Cloaks

Lighter Green Cloaks

Grey Cloaks

For the Archers, there is only one casting so I did a set of traditional archers based 8/stand  and another in forest colors to act as skirmishers based 6/stand:

Grey Cloak archers

 With the flyers I have a workable skirmish group, and I bought a pack of Microworld's Viking Valkeries to use as Wood Elf cavalry.  They are in the cue....
Group Photo


  1. "Elvis with Magical Powers!" (Muppets)

    "Green Cloaks... Lighter Green Cloaks" :-)

    Like the Eagles flying in the background!


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