More 6mm Fantasy

A quick update with some more units from my 6mm Fantasy projects.  I placed another order with Microworld games and got a few more units to experiment with.  This time its Wood Elf Spearmen, and Dwarf Ram Dragoons.  The castings are very clean, as usual and I am really happy with Microworld's customer service.  I got my figs within three days or ordering, the postage is a reasonable flat fee, and he let me do some substitutions on the army packs.  If you are looking for 6mm Fantasy, they are a quality operation.  (No I am not a paid spokesmen, but they have joined the august ranks of Baccus, GHQ and Adler in my 'Tome of Awesome.')

The elves are a traditional sculpt, but the Ram Dragoons are just that:  Mounted rifleman on Rams.  I guess I expected to get traditional 'Fantasy Cavalry'  Instead I have this crew which is now begging for some conversion with dismounted stands and 'Ram Holders' ala my ACW Union cavalry.  

More stuff to finish, but it will take awhile to get everything based,  This month I have managed to swing a brush at:

6mm Fantasy Dwarves
6mm Fantasy Elves
6mm Austrian Currassier
6mm Bavarian Cheveau Leger
6mm Samurai Generals
6mm Italian Cavalry
6mm Celt Casualties
1/285 Israeli Infantry
15mm Samurai Casualties
15mm 1812 Americans
20mm Cold-War infantry

I really love my hobby.....


  1. Ram *Dragoons*; I kept reading "Ram Dragons" and was trying to figure out what the heck those would look like. Bottom Line was whatever they looked like, they'd be pretty horny! :-)

  2. What line are you using for samurai?

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