GHQ Israeli Infantry

You know what would help?  Pictures!

Some models take longer than others,  I think I have been painting these for about two years now.  This are from GHQs modern IDF line.  There are two packs of IDF individual Infantry and 1 pack of Individual Heavy Weapons.  They are up to GHQ's usual level of crisp detail and make for a good array of sculpts.  If I have any complaint it is in the lack of Crew Serve weapons in the set.  The Individual Heavy weapons pack says it comes with "MGs, Mortars, ATGMs,"  but it actually comes with some Spotters, RTOs, Snipers, 60mm Mortars, ATGMs, RPGs and Stingers.
Company Commander and RTO


Stinger Team

These "MG's" look a lot like snipers....

I based them on 1.25" by .75" bases for use in Spearhead or Cold-War commander.  I organized them with a 3:1:1 ratio of Riflemen to support stands and mortars.  I based the snipers and ADA figs on round bases to augment the Battalions/Companies depending on the game.
Infantry Company with support

These guys have taken a lot longer to finish than I originally wanted (That's big news....), but with them out of the way I am out of excuses to give the partially painted Soviet Infantry that glower from their sticks.


  1. I enjoyed looking at your 6mm Napoleonic and Modern Spearhead posts today. I enjoy both Napoleonics, using 6mm and Volley & Bayonet, as well as Spearhead and Modern Spearhead. Your site has plenty of interesting posts. I shall be sure to bookmark and return.


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