Casualty counters for Command and Colors

Not everything is fantasy around here (although when your primary opponent is 7 it certainly seems to be that way.)  I finally finished the first pack of Baccus 6mm Celt Casualty markers.  They are well detailed and paint up quickly as you only need to paint up one side.  I mounted them all on small poker chips to accommodate multiple hits on a single unit.

Fallen Cavalry
Infantry Casualties
I really prefer to leave figures on the table, so these make it easy to denote hits using more chips with the same marker.  The advantage is that I only remove the unit when it is completely wiped out, and then leave the marker in place to denote it's end.  This makes for a visually appealing map of the progress of the battle.

Three stand unit for CCA with Two hits

Similar configuration, except 'Travel Sized'
Same for Infantry

I currently have a pack of Baccus Austrian Casualties and the Early Medieval casualties awaiting their turn beneath the brush as well some Adler 6mm French casualties.


  1. Stacking poker chips (or similar) under the markers to show additional hits is a clever and useful idea!

    1. It was Jon's suggestion (see the Palouse Wargamers Societyblog) I just happened to steal it first..

  2. Casualty markers look good. Are you building the same for the 15mm collection?


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