Armored Camelry Regiments

Armored camels.  Pour that into a mental snifter and swirl it around in your mind for a moment.  Camel Cataphracts.  Awesome.

These are the last models from Baccus' Parthian line I had left to paint.  I approached them with some relish based on the simple absurdity they represent to me.  A camel is an absurd creature, gangly, temperamental... kind of a desert moose.  Riding one lacks the sense of majesty one derives from horseback.  But they are resilient, useful creatures, and I admire the adventurous spirit that cried.  "Screw it, lets slap some armor on these bad boys and get our war on...."

My musings on armored desert moose aside, I finally finished the rest of the my Celtic Casualties, so here is what you get in a pack:


  1. A camel as a "desert moose" - I love it! For those familiar with moose of the NW, that is a very insightful analogy.

    1. You need to come down and see the Behemoth bull that just decided to occupy the field out back.

  2. Well, you gotta have a few Camels in your ancient collection just for the uniqueness of them, along with War Elephants. Then, of courser, there is the Dreaded Smell Factor!

    I kinda wonder if "Camelphracts" actually had armor on the beast as well as the men, but whatever! :-)

  3. Lovely done with these camel units, original and very nice!


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