6mm Dwarf leaders

6mm Gotrek?

May is a busy month, so while I still got time for painting in, my time for basing and taking pictures has been much more limited.

  First up are the leader figs for the Microworld Dwarves from last time.  The pack comes with 6 figures each of a Runesmith with hammer, Hero With Shield, General borne by shield bearers and 6 standard bearers.

The figures are nicely sculpted, but as I mentioned in the review, a few of the figures are a little too specific for general use.

The runesmith for example:
Good looking figure, but I don't see a need for six of them lugging their anvils around the battlefield.  I converted a couple to champions by snipping off the anvil:

and I plan to mount one in an ox-cart or wagon.

The same is true for the lord borne on a shield:

It looks cool, but I see him getting dropped on his happy -*&% the second the unit makes contact, and his honor guard need their hands.

Again, a little gentle snipping improves the situation

The rest of the pack has been spread around as leaders in the unit stands themselves.  Next up a diversion from fantasy back into the ancients.....