Where did March go?

We are well into April, and I didn't even notice.  My March accomplishments failed to compare appreciably to the February 1000, but some forward progress was made.  The picture above demonstrates the shame of the unfinished models awaiting their turn.  Some of the figs have been awaiting completion for far longer than should be allowed.  (Some were primered prior to 2000)

I keep trying to get back into painting my old 15mm figs, but the allure of 6mm is too great.  I just like the massed formations you can develop.  That said I successfully completed some models that have been on the shelf since 1996!

Here is the take for end the month.  12 Regiments of Baccus Bavarian Line infantry, one more Square stand of Austrians, two French Squares, three more regiments of Italian infantry, Bavarian artillerists and a smattering of flyers from GW's original Man O' War.


  1. Your March output appears reasonably productive to me. Now, we need to schedule a game.

  2. Sheesh, hardly shabby productivity, I'd say!


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