The Bavarian onslaught continues...

I actually finished command stands and artillery!

My Bavarian VII Corps nears completion.  I have three stands of Cavalry 50% complete (Dragoons and Prinz Royal) and another three primered.  For the commanders

I have Marshal Lefebvre

1st Division Commander Crown Prince Ludwig

2nd Division Commander LTG von Wrede

And some artillery Support

Corps Reserve: 12lb Position Batteries

6lb Foot and Horse batteries  (Horse Artillery has three crew to denote them, long term I should probably add a horse...)

oh, and I Finally finished the Iron Marshal.  Something I have been meaning to do for about two years now...

He really deserves better as he stands as one of my favorite figures from the time period.

All these figures are Adler this time.  I love the detail level on these, and hope the new Baccus sculpts are comparable.  My only nit with Adler is that the smaller pieces are VERY fragile.   I have not bent the bore brushes for the cannons back yet, just because they break so readily.  Standard bearers are even worse.  I guess I would prefer open handed sculpts that I could use pins with.


  1. Very nice! The Crown Prince is an interesting character. He evidently took his job seriously, and became a competent and brave commander. He also detested Napoleon!

    The Iron Marshal is perhaps my favorite of the era as well. Of course there is a certain physical resemblance with glasses and hairstyle ;-), but it is his competency, high standards, and loyalty that make him stand out from the crowd.


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